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Make checklists simply in telegram

The most convenient bot for checklists in telegram messenger

Web App Technology for bots in telegram

Convenient UI right inside the bot

Telegram allows to use the web into bot!
Familiar control without entering commands 😊

Simple navigation

Available list of checklists

Bot deletes unnecessary messages in the chat, leaving only links to checklists.
You can use the chat search or see the entire list of checklists in the menu 😊

Use it for your own goals

Many use cases

Make checklists for personal affairs, work, going to the supermarket, travel. Can even be used as a task list 😊

Always at hand

Available on telegram

Can be used on all devices that have a telegram messenger with web app support! Write down something while working on a computer, read it on a smartphone 😊

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Tips & Tricks

Different layouts and styles for team sections.

How to write down ideas quickly?

Pin the chat with the bot. So you won't have to waste time to find it in the chat list if something needs to be recorded urgently! Also, in some smartphones, you can add a widget for a specific chat in Telegram to your desktop!

Convenient shopping list

After going to the supermarket, we mark the purchased items with checkmarks, but do not delete them. Before a new campaign, we simply run through the list and uncheck the boxes for the required products.

Lists for everything

If you are going to the gym, business trip or travel, then the most convenient way to not forget anything is to have a list of things that you need to take with you for every occasion.

Availability of checklists from all devices

You work at a computer, relax on a tablet, go to the store with a smartphone. Telegram messenger is available on any platform, which means your checklists are always at hand!

More cases and trips in our Telegram chat

Start your life with checklists

Use them everywhere so you don't miss anything.
Comfortable with ChChecker

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